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Top 3 for ‘23 - Second Of Our Top 3 Destinations In 2023: Northern Peru

28 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Top 3 for ‘23 - Second Of Our Top 3 Destinations In 2023: Northern Peru

Our trip to Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic paved the path for further travel to another world-class, but less visited kiteboarding and foiling hot spot, the Pacific shores of Peru. The waves and winds of Mancora and Pacasmayo are so awesome it inspired us to return to Peru shortly after and visit the endless rolling swells and winds of Chicama. There’s a real spiritual experience when it comes to the shores of Peru, especially when riding the swells. Our visits to Peru were solely with Blueye members unlike Cabarete, but with the stories we returned with we’ll be bringing more of the community along in 2024.   


Local Hospitality

The local business owners and community made our stay comfortable at each destination, and were more than accommodating for our kiteboarding and foiling lifestyle. In Mancora, our new friends at Kite Club Mancora run a top place to stay, and owner Kike, shared invaluable tips and secrets about the surf that can only be gained from a lifetime love of the wind and waves. The region is also famous for its connection to American writer Ernest Hemingway, whose likeness we notice on colorful murals throughout the neighboring town of Cabo Blanco. 

In Pacasmayo, Hotel Los Faroles is a great surf hotel in town and an easy 10 minute Moto taxi ride away from the famous Pacasmayo  lighthouse kite launch point. The skill and experience of the local moto taxi drivers is reassuring when we overpack a Moto taxi with our gear bags.

The surf heritage of the town is can’t-miss, and the importance of the shore to the active community is engrained in all aspects of community life.


Chicama is predominantly a fishing town which caters to water sports travelers. When we’re looking for a comfortable surf-vibe we stay at Surf House Chicama, which is also the least expensive. It has the least amount of amenities, just what a surfer needs and the breakfast is perfect for a convenient and satisfying fuel up before a full day session, making it our top choice. Chicama Boutique Hotel is where we find traveling tour groups who enjoy amenities like a pool, an on-site boat fleet, restaurants serving lunch and dinner, and more. Los Delfines de Chicama Hotel fits nicely in the middle of the two, offering amenities like a pool. Each of these accommodations are located very close to each other, all have waterfront access, and get booked up early especially in prime season - mostly in May until mid June and mid-August to end of September. 


Unmatched wind and waves

As kitesurfers and foilers we’ll obviously travel the world to find the perfect wind and swells, and the conditions we found at each shore in Peru should be on everyone’s list for an epic surf travel spot.  Now, every shore in Peru is not for everyone, and without the experience and support of the locals, launching and landing for even a seasoned rider can be dangerous.  In some spots like at the foot of the popular El Faro hotel in Pacasmayo, with rocky shorelines and gusty winds there’s a local ‘rescue’ support team for launching and leash attachment (board leashes are recommended there) to get on the water quickly and safely. Once we launched, the waves and wave-riding conditions are world-class in Pacasmayo, and offer endless left rollers for some unforgettable strapless wave-riding.  Near Mancora, the white beaches and surf of Cabo Blanco are unbeatable, and we were never alone as we shared the surf with local sea lions and whale sharks. As always, we’re just visitors in their world so we respect their space.  

 Ben kitesurfing the waves of Cabo Blanco near Mancora

The visit to Chicama is intentionally a foiling-only destination for us to tow-foil and wingfoil what’s known as ‘the world’s longest wave’. Famous for long rolling left-hand swells makes it a perfect destination for endless, and we mean ENDLESS, foiling. Wave-hopping the lines of waves makes it easy for foiling sessions as long as our legs could take. Bringing the wing along makes a perfect daily balance of tow-foiling in the morning combined with an epic wingfoiling session in the afternoon when the wind rolls in. Another feature we can count on at each shore in Peru is the stunning visual backdrop of hills, cliffs, and arid landscapes that wraps each shoreline - giving it a truly authentic and wild flair.

Pat towing and winging the waves of Chicama

After the Session

The surfing towns of Northern Peru are filled with young, western travelers, some backpacking their way north to Ecuador or traveling along the Pan-Am highway. This means meeting people from all over the continent, and makes for great post-session conversation at local restaurants, cafes, and bars. In Mancora, Selina Mancora is a trendy hotel known for its active nightlife of hosting parties at their beachfront bar and club. In the fishing town of Chicama, ceviche is a fresh and flavorful must-have. After a physically demanding session, we typically stay close to the hotels like Chicama Boutique for dinner, and rest up for another unforgettable day.

Post sessions in Mancora and Chicama


  • In Chicama, book a tow to return to the line-up after each foiling session

  • Be prepared for physical stress on arms, shoulders, and legs especially riding the long swells in Chicama and Pacasmayo.  Expect leg cramps the first couple of days.

  • Don’t forget to pack your board leash for both Pacasmayo and Chicama!  

Check out our related articles: Cabarete, Cape Hatteras OBXFor any travel recos connect with us or DM us on IG @blueyegroup .

Local Support Credits: Kiteclubmancora, Chicamafoil_prosurfconmunity 

Photo Credits: Chicamabook, Chicama_surfing

Water action from the trip: 


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