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Top 3 for ‘23 - First of Our Top 3 Destinations in 2023: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

27 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Top 3 for ‘23 - First of Our Top 3 Destinations in 2023: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what we’ve accomplished the last 12 months, and for us at Blueye we’re inspired to share our travel experiences. We’re always aiming to discover new destinations to get on the water, and share our experiences along the way. It was difficult to narrow it down, but this is the first of our top 3 destinations we explored in 2023.

Cabarete Beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Beach

Some would say Cabarete is the world’s best for kiteboarding, and we agree that whether you’re just learning or are a seasoned rider, it is one of the best destinations to get on the water.  “Discovered” by a Canadian in 1984 for superb wind conditions for all water sports, it is considered one of the top travel destinations in the Dominican Republic. We’re always reassured when one of the beaches is named Kite Beach ;) 

Everyone Welcome

We’ve all come across those shorelines that are great for kiteboarding, but not wingfoiling, or vice versa, but in Cabarete we scratched both of those itches and more. Kite Beach is world famous for wind and shore conditions that are perfect for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, and kitefoiling whether you’re looking for wave riding, freestyle, speed, or just getting some air. 

Ben, Brad, and Patrick at Cabarete Beach

Wingfoiling is also possible on Kite Beach but monitoring for high tide will ensure a quality sesh! Just slightly upwind from there is Cabarete Beach which is blessed with a magnificent bay and shore conditions perfect for kiteboarding, kitefoiling, and wingfoiling - no waiting for high tide here!  And for the early-risers in our group, pre-breakfast SUP foiling sessions among the rolling waves along the reef in the morning sun is the only way to start a day!

Brad and Patrick SUP Foiling at Cabarete Beach


If you’re just starting out, or have never even tried before, Cabarete is overall a safe shoreline to try, fail, succeed, hone, and repeat. In addition to the 3 of us, we brought 8 others all with different levels of kiteboarding and wingfoiling expertise. Some of our group first-timers took lessons offered right on the beach, and with ample space to avoid congestion we were able to try new tricks, jumps, and techniques. 

Blueye lesson with Ben at Kite Beach

Our more experienced crew took on more ambitious downwinders to the surftown of Encuentro (5km downwind from Kite Beach) and wave riding along the reef. Something for everyone means everyone can get out on the water! 

Downwinder to Encuentro 

Flexible Accommodations

What makes Cabarete a perfect water sports destination is that most rentals expect a lot of gear…wet, sandy, gear…and are flexible to accommodate that gear between sessions during the day or drying out overnight. We found most places have secure outdoor facilities to store boards, kites, and equipment overnight, but also with fresh water hoses to clean our gear and apparel. 

Gear take-over at Seawinds apartments, Cabarete Beach

Our group stayed at a variety of rentals that suited each of our individual travel needs, with convenient access to the beach, or more personalized boutiques, or closer to town with additional comforts and amenities. For us at Blueye, renting a place at Cabarete/Kite Beach with immediate waterfront access (i.e. “Seawinds” apartments) means we’re on the water from dawn to dusk, but are still just minutes and a quick moped ride away from restaurants and nightlife.

Seawinds apartments, Cabarete Beach

Good Eats

When we’re on the water all day, we don’t necessarily want to spend any time searching for good eats and drinks between sessions. Thankfully, you can typically find us holding court at Mesa Taina Restaurant located literally on Kite Beach. With a shaded view of of all the water action, and the opportunity to meet people from around the world makes this spot our go-to hangout. The menu has great variety, perfect since we eat most of our breakfast and lunch meals here throughout our visit :). 

Mesa Taina on Kite Beach, and Yalla Spanish Tapas Bar 

For dinner and nightlife we typically head to town about 5-10mins from Kite Beach via moped. Sometimes when we just want to sit with the other tourists along the boardwalk in the moonlight we enjoy La Casita de Papi, or beachside at Yalla Spanish Tapas Bar. Off-the-beach favorites of ours include Ally’s Cabarete Surfcamp, and for drinks in a more private atmosphere we like Kibayo Cabarete a stunning boutique hotel. 

Kibayo Cabarete, and La Casita de Papi 

Canine Surprise

Lastly, as expected there are a few off-leash, but well-behaved dogs sharing the beach. But our group was so smitten with the cuteness of the puppies that one of the couples traveling with us adopted one and gave it a wonderful home in Brooklyn where she is healthy and thriving! Of course, named ‘Caba’.  

Caba and her proud new pawrents

Blueye Tips

  1. Rent a moped or small motorcycle in town to quickly run errands or get to your fave spots.

  2. Repair kite and wing gear by Kite Beach with unbeatable speed and quality with Papo at Mango House Kite Apartments - we used them twice!

  3. Be aware of the reef and the sea life - it’s their world and we’re just visiting. 

  4. Spend a morning visiting Encuentro - a world-class surfing or kitesurfing beach a few minutes drive south from Kite Beach. 

  5. For mature pallets, try Mamajuana - a local fave.

Check out our related articles: Pacasmayo & Chicama, Cape Hatteras OBX. For any travel recos connect with us or DM us on IG @blueyegroup


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