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Living a Water Connected Lifestyle

11 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Living a Water Connected Lifestyle

New to Blueye?... welcome to living a water connected lifestyle. The three of us at Blueye have a lifelong connection to the shore, a passion for water sports, and an excitement for making meaningful connections with others in the water sports community. Getting on or even near the water, salt or fresh, has not only been a way to escape the daily grind, but it is a meaningful cultivation of happiness and positivity. Our water connected lifestyle means the pursuit of well-being through adventure and exploration, active water sports sessions, mental restoration, and strong community relationships. Sharing that pursuit has inspired ‘Blueye’. 

The physical and mental therapeutic value of focusing on blue spaces around us has been documented quite broadly. For us, a strong connection to water inspires our craving for adventure and exploration. Pursuing world-class kiteboarding and foiling destinations around the world gives us the opportunity to experience local life and landscapes, digest diverse cultures, and share stories with other water sports enthusiasts.

Our co-founder Ben kitesurfing the Pacific swell in Peru.

When it comes to our physical connection, water sports can stimulate an adrenaline rush, and can conjure a sense of individual accomplishment through testing our dedication, will, and spirit that we at Blueye don’t get anywhere else.  Water can unforgivingly test our capabilities with many different natural forces including temperature, movement, and more. Sharing our water sports growth and achievements with fellow enthusiasts builds a sustainable connection that is often only understood by those who have shared that same experience. 

Our co-founder Patrick foiling the endless waves of Chicama, Peru.

Being in or near water also has a profound effect on our mental well-being in different ways. Ever catch yourself mesmerized by watching the waves roll in on a beautiful beach? Or catching the sunlight shimmering across the top of a calm bay? These awe-inspiring moments allow us to reset, expand our minds, and put our own lives in perspective. It can be very spiritual, reflective, or simply calming, having a psychological restorative effect. This enhanced level of mindfulness and stress reduction can even benefit our physical state, like strengthening our immune system.

The presence of water in our lives has a multi-sensory impact. How many of us have found ourselves simply listening to the sounds of water, either in real-life or through our headphones? Or have transformed the ambience of our homes with a sea-inspired scented candle? The sounds and smells of water are soothing, and we find that this tranquility can help with maintaining or building a positive state of mind and improving our overall happiness.       

Blueye community members during a wet and windy trip to Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. 

Many water sports enthusiasts share our passion for living a water connected lifestyle, and are easily motivated to join us on one-day or multi-day trips to the shore. And of course we often seek out and make many new social connections while exploring together. The connection to water immediately binds us, generating a recognizable commonality that naturally sets the foundation for a strong and lasting friendship. 

Above all, having a connection to water, in any form whether at the oceanside or city fountains, can be experienced by everyone equally. By navigating the challenges, setbacks, and triumphs inherent in water sports and appreciating the unparalleled beauty and tranquility that water embodies, we are committed to expanding the water sports community and inviting more individuals to join us in embracing our lifestyle. See you on the water.


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