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Top 3 for ‘23 - Third Of Our Top 3 Destinations In 2023: Cape Hatteras OBX, NC

30 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Top 3 for ‘23 - Third Of Our Top 3 Destinations In 2023: Cape Hatteras OBX, NC

Traveling to world-renowned destinations like Cabarete, Mancora, Pacasmayo, and Chicama is a privilege we appreciate, but there are destinations worthy of world-class ranking right here on the US East Coast. Our passion to get on the water as often as possible has led us to explore the shores of most beaches in the North East, however the popular Cape Hatteras - or Outer Banks, or OBX if you prefer - has to be one of our faves of 2023.

 Between sessions at Kite Beach

Pick a Beach, Any Beach

Cape Hatteras is our kiting and foiling dream destination with conditions to suit everyone’s passion. We have a few reliable spots we hit each trip. Salvo (Day Use Area) is a beach park with picnic tables, grills, and even public restrooms, and most importantly is a vast shore with plenty of room for our whole crew of riders and more. It’s also a great place for beginners for those of our crew learning the basics, and a popular launch point for sound-side downwinders for intermediate and advanced level riders. If you’re looking to foil, check tide levels as it can be a long, shallow walk from shore before reaching foiling depths - we typically head to Kite Point/Canadian Hole for foiling. 

Kite Point

Kite Point is reliable for the kiteboarders and foilers of our group, with wind, depths, and so much space to attempt our latest jumps and tricks. Wind reached an epic +40kt when we visited this Fall! For an absolute blast, you can find us kiting the Buxton Slicks just downwind of Kite Point. The Sound (aka “the bay”) is can’t-miss conditions, but for the more advanced riders looking for wave riding, the ocean side of OBX is legendary.  

Ocean downwinders

Ocean Downwinders

Wild horses can’t hold back the seasoned wave riders in our crew from braving the ocean downwinder at OBX - which they achieved twice in our Fall weekend trip. Launching at Ramp 25, the team kitesurfed and wingfoiled the crashing breaks in storm conditions for an epic 29.5miles of riding until finally joining the rest of the crew at Kite Point. Along the way they shared the sea with sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, and dolphins. The ocean side beach at OBX is magical, and ideal for our advanced riders testing their skills!  

Home Away From Home

For our crew of six this Fall, house rental options along Hwy 12 in stops like Salvo, Avon, Waves, and Buxton were our ideal options. We typically rent a house as close to our favorite beach stops as possible so we can be on the water dawn to dusk. Renting a house gives us the option to cook our own meals, and enjoy sharing stories from the day’s ride. In the warmer months, we aim to sleep under the stars in one of the many campgrounds.

Post-session in Avon

Fueling Up

When we’re too tired from the day’s session to cook our own meal we’ll sample the local eats.  Towns in close proximity like Buxton, Nag’s Head, Rodanthe, and Avon is where we typically eat.  For a breakfast that kept us full through our epic sessions, we tried Fatty’s Treats and Tours in Buxton - a fun vibe and local favorite that we were told we had to try! Near our rental in Avon, we also tried Oceanas Bistro with good food, easy-going service, and take-away sized portions. With late-night service this is perfect for getting good eats after an extended session.

Positive vibes even in gnarly conditions

Blueye Tips:

  • Check the wind, check the tide, plan your day - you can spend a lot of time driving up and down Hwy 12 instead of on the water if you haven’t planned ahead. 

  • Stay close to the forecast to keep updated on local flooding, and get tips from the locals.  Storm season can wreak havoc on driving conditions and travel plans.

  • Track your downwinders with a GPS device or app, you’ll be surprised how much water you cover and it’s valuable to share with other kiters and wingers looking for some tips!

  • Visiting for a few days?  Switch your Strava setting to biking and pedal the road and off-road trails, especially around Buxton.  

As we said, narrowing down our Top 3 for ‘23 is next to impossible, and we have had the opportunity to explore so many other destinations this year through kiteboarding and wingfoiling. This is just scratching the surface of our Blueye travel experiences, we’re happy to share more details, more tips, and more of the fun - contact us or DM us on Instagram @blueyegroup.  

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